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4.C Autoships (Automatic)

Automatic Autoship

You can auto enroll affiliates into an autoship. You need to configure trigger product IDs under

Admin Menu/Configuration/Settings/Starter Kits/Autoship Triggers

Autoship Triggers

autoship triggers allows you to set products that will trigger reoccuring billing.
format: ProductVariantID1~ProductVariantID2~CycleDays
ProductVariantID1: the trigger ProductVariantID. If this ProductVariantID is purchased than it will trigger ProductVariantID2
CycleDays is the number of days in the billing cycle. E.g 30 days would be a monthly cycle. 365 would be a yearly cycle.
It is common that ProductVariantID1 and ProductVariantID2 to be the same.
For multiple definiations seperate each pair by the | (pipe) character. See example below


a purchase of 106 will trigger a reoccuring billing of 106
a purchase of 108 will trigger a reoccuring billing of 120
a purchase of 125 will trigger a reoccuring billing of 125
NOTE: Autoship Triggers (Automatic Autoship) works with Enrollment From. During enrollment we are able to capture payment method and set up the affiliates autoship. Affiliates can always create autoships after enrollment, this would be the manual autoships.
When affiliates buy triggered products using Enrollment Form, autoships will be auto created for them.