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3.B Enrollment Form

Enrollment iframe allows socialbug to capture distributor payment details which can be used to automatically enroll the distributor in an autoship or membership. The form can also be used as a signup form skipping the traditional flow of purchasing a starter kit in the shopping cart.

You can copy Enrollment Form iframe script from Admin Menu/Configuration/Integration/Enrollment iframe 

This iframe code should be placed somewhere on your website. Perhaps create a page called "Affiliate Signup". Once you have the form placed on your website, you can further configure it by going to Admin Menu/Configuration/Settings/Iframe Settings/Iframe Enrollment Settings

Please click on "?" tooltip near each setting so you can see setting description.

On Enrollment Form you can see each product which you added under Admin Menu/Configuration/Settings/Starter Kits/Starter Kits as Starter Kit.

Also, you can configure your Starter Kits on Autoship (this is optional) if you want to autoship Starter Kit or some other product.