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1.B Enterprise Plan

Our enterprise plan includes everything from basic plan plus allows creation of advanced affiliate networks. Configure diverse plans such as binary, unilevel, matrix, xup or your own unique custom comp plan. Take total control over commission calculations, your no longer constrained to paying out on the orders subtotal. This plan pays out on volume (not price) and volume can be set at the product level. Enterprise includes multiple payout methods and running commissions in batches. Affiliates can earn ranks/titles. We are able to customize your requirements for a fee.

Enterprise plan is excellent if you plan on having all your sales done on your store's site. Enterprise plan does not support pushing orders from the BackOffice to your store. This means automation is limited and some features are not possible e.g enrollment form, quick orders, party orders, memberships, autoships.

If you need more advanced features, we suggest subscribing to the enterprise++ plan.