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2.C Geneology

If you are not familiar with these terms (Geneology, Unilevel, Binary, Matrix) then most likely you can ignore this setting and levae it unchanged. For those that are seeking to do configure a more advanced placement stratagy, please continue to read on.


Go to Admin Menu/Configuration/Settings/Genealogy

Here you can set up 

Width - The number of distributors you can have on your first level. A value of Zero (0) will indicate unlimited.

Depth - The number of levels deep an organization can go. a value of Zero (0) will indicate unlimited. 


Example of a Matrix

If you would like to configure a 3x7 matrix you would configure Width: 3 nad Depth: 7




For unilevel you can leave with: 0 and have depth however deep you want the organizations to go. If you set a depth value of 5, then an affiliate would not be able to see on level 6th and below (relative to their position in the geneology).



Set Width: 2 and then look at the seperate binary settings below Width/Depth. Make sure to enable binary.

Our default binary plan will match left/right leg volume and pay a % commission. If you were paying 20% commission on matching volume, you would put in 0.20 in the commission setting. When an affiliate has matching volume e.g 100 on left leg and 100 on right leg, this would create a 20% commission or 20$ payout. If one leg has extra volume, that volume will be saved or banked for use at a later date.

Placement algorithm determines how spillover recruits are placed in the geneology. It is suggested to use the placement algorithm "OuterLeg", this removes the ability for an affiliate to soley rely on their upline for new recruits. 

Affiliates do have the option to select which leg the next recruit goes to. They have options of "left, right, balanced" placements.


Other Types of Affiliate Networks

We have done Xup and other non stand plans. If your looking for something more creative, please contact us.