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6.A Hostess Rewards

Hostess rewards are credits for the hostess to spend on products. Hostess rewards are earned and spent only by the party host.

Go to Admin Menu/Configuration/Party/Hostess Rewards


Click on Create button to create Hostess Reward.

For example:

Min Amount $100.00 - Max Amount $200 - Reward $5 (Use percent set to falseor 5% (Use percent set to true) - Save

Min Amount $200.01 - Max Amount $300 - Reward $10 (Use percent set to falseor 10% (Use percent set to true) - Save 

Min Amount $300.01 - Max Amount $1000 - Reward $15 (Use percent set to falseor 15% (Use percent set to true) - Save

5% is 0.05

10% is 0.10

15% is 0.15

Note: Use fixed amount or percent.

Hostess Reward can also be used on quick orders. There are many setting for party orders. Please review party settings tab to see all configuration options.

Admin Menu/Configuration/Settings/Party Settings/Quick Order Rewards

Apply Hostess Rewards Manually

Hostess rewards are applied automatic by default. This option can be changed to manually apply for all eligible host products.

Products that are purchased by host and eligible for hostess rewards will have a switch next to the product on the party.

You must toggle/activate the switch to apply rewards to the product.

If you have hostess rewards and do not activate any products, they will not be spent. Hostess rewards that are not spent are lost when party is closed.