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How to configure TAX codes via TICs

What are TICs?

An important step in setting up your website is assigning the correct Taxability Information Codes (TICs) to the goods and/or services that you sell.
These codes enable TaxCloud to apply accurate:
-sales and use sales rates
-sales tax holidays

To ensure your customers are charged the correct rates and benefit any available exemptions, you need to select and appropriate TIC for each item.
If you primary sell one class of goods, you can also set default TIC for your website. (Default TIC is #00000).

To find TICs for your goods and services, log in to your TaxCloud account, and under Your Account find Taxability Codes

There under Explore TICs you will find correct TICs. (See picture below - e.g. Default TIC #00000)

e.g. Membership Fees TIC code (see picture below).

Now, when you found your correct TICs, go on your NOP website and in admin area, under Tax/Tax Categories you have to add this code(s) for your goods and/or services. (See picture below).

Under TAX Categories Add new record/tax category for your goods and/or services. 

All products must belong to a warehouse(s). 

In TaxCloud create locations/ warehouses: 

Now go on your nopCommerce website and under Admin/Shipping/Warehouses create Warehouse: 

Be sure that your Location/Warehouse name and address are same on TaxCloud and nopCommerce. 

Also, assign warehouse on your products. 

If you have membership product you have to assign company address to that products. 

If you ship all products from your company, assign company "Warehouse" to all products. 

If you ship from few warehouses then assign correct warehouse to your products.