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How to connect plugin with TaxCloud

Before you connect SocialBug TaxCloud plugin with TaxCloud you have to regsiter on TaxCloud website 

On registration under Shopping cart choose - Other - Not listed.

After registration go to Your Account and then Websites and add your website. Check picture below. 

When you add you website you have to copy API ID and API KEY (see picture above) and paste that info in SocialBug TaxCloud Plugin (see picture below).

Go on your NOP website and find Tax By TaxCloud plugin under plugins section and click Configure.

TaxCloud Log Type choose Authorize.
API ID and API KEY paste in textbox.

License Key* you will get via email when you purchase the plugin. Click Save

Under Tax/Tax Provider make sure that Tax by TaxCloud is Marked as a primary provider

Now your TaxCloud Plugin is connected with TaxCloud website and your TAX will be calculated. 

*Note: 1 license key for 1 domain!