Magento 2 SocialBugCRM

Magento 2 SocialBugCRM Module Installation guide:

  1.  Get/download SocialBugCRM extension from Magento marketplace.
  2.  Upload into your Magento 2 root folder and extract files into root folder.

  3. Open a console shell (e.g. Putty), navigate to Magento root directory to enable module.
    Run the first command line:
    php bin/magento module:enable Socialbug_SocialbugCRM
    You will be asked to run „setup:upgrade“ as below. Then run the command:
    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    Then run the commands to clean/flush cache:
    php bin/magento c:c
    php bin magento c:f

  4. Disable Admin Token Lifetime  (this will be needed for products/orders synchronization with our platform).
    Go to your website backend Stores/Configuration/Services/OAuth/Access Token 
    Expiration/Admin Token Lifetime disable setting (clear field) and Save

  5. Launch SocialBugCRM from Megnto 2 backend. You will see SocialBugCRM on left side menu, click on SocialBugCRM and then Launch:

  6. After few seconds you will be redirected to your SocialBugCRM software/backoffice.
    On this page you will enable modules which you need (e.g. SocialBug ...), features under modules and checkout: 

  7. Now go to Admin/Settings/Core/Platform Connection/Recreate Token and enter your admin username and passowrd to authorize access to your Magento 2 website: