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3.C Membership Fee's

Membership Fee's - charge your affiliates a usage/membership fee.

For example your monthly fee (membership) is $10.00 USD, and you want to offer a discount for buying multiple months in advance.  So 3 months, 6 month, 12 months options to your affiliates/consultants/distributors/agents. 

e.g. You can create 4 "fee/membership" products in your Shopping Cart

1 month Website Fee - $10

3 months Webiste Fee - $25

6 months Website Fee - $45

12 months Website Fee - $75

and you can apply 31 credit days to 1 month and so on. (see picture below)

Go to Admin Menu/Affiliates/Membership Fee's - Click on Add to create new fees

Under Product choose your Membership Fee(s) product(s) by entering product ID, enter Credits Days.

Leave the Rank field blank. This field is used for customizations only.

Membership Fee's for Affiliates:

Go to BackOffice/Order Center/Membership Fees and choose your Membership Fee. This is recurring payment and its paid each 30/45/90/180/365 days configured by admin.