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MLM / Party Plan Affiliate Installation

Step 1. Registering on

Go here and register.

After you purchased plugin/credits you will get access to SocialBug Setup which will be displayed at the top of our website. 

Step 2. Upload Plugin To Nop Commerce

Using your FTP Credentials you will have to connect to your nopCmmerce website via FTP and go to the plugins folder. This folder is located at /wwwroot/Plugins/ 

Place the unzipped Misc.SocialbugService folder into this directory.


Now go into your NopCommerce administration section and under configuration there should be a plugin menu item. This page will list all your plugins. You may need to click a button that will refresh the list of plugins. Once you find socialbug plugin in the list you can click install. The installation may take a few minutes.


Once the plugin is finished installing click configure on the plugin. This will bring up a page that will show your API Key and also how the service URL should be formatted. You will need this information to complete setup.

When u click on Configure you will see APi Key and Service url. 

 Step 3. Connect Your Shopping Cart 

After you purchased plugin/license key you will get access to SocialBug Setup which will be displayed at the top of our website. 

Click on SocialBug Setup

Enter in Webservice URL (change  with your cart URL) and API Key and then select the shopping cart version. Click Create

For nopCommerce 4.00 API Service URL is only http(s)://


Once your connection is successfully established then you can proceed to finishing the setup.