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MLM / Party Plan Affiliate Enable Module

• Manual Installation: Go to our store at and purchase
Socialbug Api for Magento2 (you will get access to Socialbug Setup - see picture below) 

Choose Magento 2 version and download it. (Do not close this tab) 

Once you have the zip containing the extension

• Extract the content of the zip file (code folder) you downloaded from our store into your Magento 2 
root/app folder. (see picture below)

• Open a console shell, go to your magento root directory an run:

• php bin/magento module:enable Unisho_Jb

• php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Install the module first in a development environment, never install any module
directly in a live site and be sure to make a complete backup of your site before 

• Then go to and click on Socialbug Setup again (see picture below) 


• Go to your Magento 2 website then click Settings/Integrations/Add New Integration  

• Write Socialbug API name, click API on left side and choose ALL, click SAVE

• Now click ACTIVATE link and ALLOW (you will keys and tokens) 

• You will get keys and tokens now.

• Copy keys and tokens and go to tab where you downloaded Magento 2 module and click on API SERVICE, choose Magento 2 

shopping cart and paste keys and tokens in right textbox.  

• Your API Service URL is 

• Click CREATE 

• On next page add your back office name e.g. socialbug123 your back office domain name will be 

• If you want to buy Custom Domain Name for your back office to be e.g. you can do that here: 

• Click SAVE 


• Congratulations domain is all setup. Here you can see your back office URLs on 4 languages. 

• Now you can go on your back office url, login and configure back office.