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5.B Payout Levels

Now that you have created ranks/titles, you can define their commission percentage up to 15 levels.

Click on Admin Menu/Commission then Payout Levels.

Note: Payout level of 0 would be the affiliates own personal sales commission. 

For example if you have Gold rank that earns 30% on their own personal sales and also pays out 2 levels deep (downline) that should look like this:

Gold rank:
1. Personal sales commission e.g. 30% (Payout Level 0) (you enter 0.30)
2. Level 1 commission e.g. 6% (Payout Level 1) (you enter 0.06)
3. Level 2 commission e.g. 4% (Payout Level 2) (you enter 0.04)

This means that if affiliate John with Gold rank completes a sale (personal sale) that affiliate will get 30% commission. If affiliate Mike, who is under John
has a sale, Mike will get 30% commission and Mikes upline John will receive 6% commission. If Jessica, who is under Mike has a sale, Jessica will get 30% commission,
Mike will get 6% commission (downlines) and John will get 4% commission.