PrestaShop SocialBugCRM

PrestaShop Module Installation Guide:

  1.  Download SocialBugCRM module from PrestaShop Marketplace HERE.
  2.  Login as admin into your PresaShop website and navigate to Improve/Modules/Modules Manager and click Upload a module.

  3. Once uploading is finished, module will automatically install.
  4. Scroll down to find SocialBugCRM module and click Configure.

  5. Once you open SocialBugCRM module configuration you will see Launch App button.

  6. Click on Launch App button to install your backoffice (you will be redirected after few moments into your new backoffice to enable modules and features which you want to use).

  7. BackOffice Module Configuration

    •          From Core module click on Features and enable features which you want to use.
    •          Enable SocialBug module and features if you want to use it for Affiliate business.
    •          Enable Investments module and features if you want to use it for Investments/HYIP.
    •          Enable Customer Rewards module if you want to use Customer Rewards.
    •          For any other module please contact us for more details.
    •          Once you decide which module(s) and features you want to use click Checkout button and then Confirm button to enable module(s) and features.

  8. Enable Webservice

    Login as admin into your PrestaShop website and navigate to Configure/Advanced Parameters/Webservice, Enable Webservice and Save.

  9. Click on Add new webservice key and give ALL permissions to permissions EXCEPT: warehouses, zones, warehouse_product_locations, translated_configurations, suppliers, supply_order_details, supply_order_histories, supply_order_receipt_histories, supply_order_states, supply_orders, search, messages, manufacturers, languages, image_types, images, customer_messages, customer_threads, contacts, carriers, cart_rules, carts, categories.

  10. Copy Webservice key and got back into your new backoffice and navigate to Admin/Settings/Core/Platform Connection and paste webservice key under Consumer Key field and Save. This will enable products, orders and customers synchronization with backoffice.

  11. Enable URL Rewriting

    Login as admin into your PrestaShop website and navigate to Configure/Traffic & SEO/SEO & URLs/Set Up URLs/Enable URL rewriting and Save.

  12. Customer Support

    If you have a question, or you need help with compensation plan configuration or backoffice configuration you can contact us in your backoffice on Admin/Support page and open ticket
    or contact us on Live Chat Monday - Friday 9am-5pm EST time.

  13. Backoffice Basic Configuration
    Go to Admin/Settings/Core

    Under Core Settings you can configure Language, Date Format, BackOffice logo, Email Settings for Backoffice emails, Widget look on your website, Referral’s URL format, Payout Method and many more.