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Refund Policy

Try Before You Buy

All SocialBug software/plugin/service products are available for purchase on the SocialBug website. All the software/plugin products are available for download and are fully functional, trial or paid. We provide a 7-day free trial period to let you fully evaluate the software/plugin product to ensure it meets your needs prior to making a purchase decision. Our software/plugins requires registration to enable its full functionality, trial or paid. During your trial period, our support staff are available to assist in installation and configuration via email, ticket or live chat. We strongly recommend that all customers download, install, and test the trial version of any SocialBug product prior to making a purchase. You must request trial on our contact us page for SocialBugCRM plugin/software, TaxCloud or Route 66 plugins.

Refunds Policy Post Purchase

After a cleared payment on the purchase of one of our products occurs, you will receive an email with the license key required to unlock the SocialBug software/plugins/software customizations. Once this information is emailed to you/backoffice is created-credits issued/customization is done, no refund will be given. This policy is in place since it would be impossible for you to return your registered version of our software/plugins/customizations. We cannot issue a refund for any SocialBug product under any circumstances given its licensing model. Please take advantage of the 7-day trial before you complete your purchase. Products from Services page are not refundable!

Acceptance of this Policy

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with this refund policy. By placing an order for any of our products, you indicate that you have read this refund policy and that you agree with and fully accept the terms of this refund policy. If you do not agree with or fully accept the terms of this refund policy, we ask that you do not place an order with us. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding our refund policy.