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System Overview

Email Templates (Autoresponders)
-Configure messages that automatically get sent when specific events happen. 
For example, affiliate signups up and they get several welcome messages. 
These welcome messages are auto-responders and can be configurable.
Commission Overrides 
-Be able to specifically override commission for a specific affiliate.
Rep Search 
-Search for your affiliates by multiple fields.
-We have over 80 configurable settings in the program. Settings such as (limiting # of affiliates on your first level), 
password recovery url, enable / disable features such as auothips and party plan
Run Bonus & Reports 
-Built in scheduler that you can select a report or operation such as "run a bonus" and the system will process your request. 
Product Volume 
-You can assign a specific product volume to each product. For example if a product costs 25.35$ and you wanted the volume to be zero because this product is not commissionable you could set zero as the volume. By default volume = price.
-You can enable autoship feature and your affiliates can create their own autoships. Your affiliates will be able to select items on their autoship and select a start date and order frequency.
Manage News 
-You can post small messages that will broadcast on all of your affiliates main dashboard which everyone will see once they login.
Manage Resources 
-You can add several resource links to the BackOffice that will appear on your affiliates dashboard. Add links to things such as (marketing materials, compplan document, any other link that will be important for your affiliates to know about)
Payout Levels 
-Define up to 15 payout levels.
-You can enter a commission manually if you want. Or you can run the configured bonus commission in the scheduler. 
-All bonuses ran from the scheduler will be set with a "Pending approval" status. You will have to review and approve them.
Rank Requirements 
-Set requirements for rank such as # of affiliates brought into the business or personal and group volume requirements
Party Plan 
-Turn on party plan feature if your company is a party plan or you wish for affiliates to put in one time orders in the BackOffice.
Customer Specials 
-You can define customer specials and requirements for customers to purchase these specials.
Hostess Rewards 
-Hostess rewards can be configured based on amount total. E.g spend 100-200 and get X in hostess rewards.
Hostess Specials 
-Same as customer special but limited to the hostess.
Party Billing Log 
-Lookup individual payments made on the party.
Change Downline Links 
-Move people in the downline.
Reassign Rep Order 
-Reassign the affiliates order.
-Pay affiliates by check, export payout file to excel and pay them however you want or generate PayPal Mass Payout file.
Replicated Site Functionality
-We can provide a few files to integrate with your shopping cart which will enable affiliate replicated urls such as
-we can also add a "shoping with {affiliate info}" on the top of your shopping cart.
-We also support affiliate landing pages. By default we have Iframe integration which will show the affiliates information and picture.
Investment Packs or HYIP 
-Gain interest in apy% or fixed over a time period. Dividends can be configured to payout on any cycle. Min withdrawal can be configured and a fee for withdrawing.
Party Calendar
-Monitor all affiliate planned parties from one easy calendar page.
REST API Interface
-We also have a REST API that you can use to integrate with on your own terms.
Software Language Support
-  English
-  Spanish
-  Russian
-  German
-  Turkish
-  French
-  Italian
-  Swedish
-  Portuguese
-  Dutch
-  Polish
-  Malay
-  Indonesian
-  Filipino